Portable Hammock with Stand – Fair Weather Relaxin’

portable hammock with standThe weather was so nice today that I started thinking about picking up a portable hammock with stand for enjoying some quiet time in my yard. A yard that doesn’t make it easy for me to hang up a hammock between two secure places.

No trees. No poles. No wooden beams. Nothing.

And today in sunny southern California, the sun is out, the weather is cool, the sky is a bright blue…and I’d love nothing more than to chill out in my yard with my cockapoo and take a nap.

Evenings are still pretty cool but it would be so easy to curl up in one of these with a blanket and a book – maybe even my current crochet project – and just relax.

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Choosing the Best Flip Flops for Plantar Fasciitis

Best Flip Flops for Plantar FasciitisI started thinking about choosing the best flip flops for plantar fasciitis when I started experiencing heel pain several years ago. When I mentioned this to my sister, she told me what her experience was like (she had plantar fasciitis, too) and that the right shoes, exercises, and stretches really helped.

So much so, that she has never needed surgery.

So I’ve been doing some easy stretches and am very aware of what shoes and sandals exacerbate the pain and which ones seem to do well for me. I’m loving these flip flops right now – I feel like I’m walking on a squishy cloud!

Flip flops – the right ones, anyway – are my choice for (almost) daily footwear because they allow for a full range of movement. I’m not talking about the $2 kind you can buy from Old Navy. I’m talking about supportive, cushiony (it’s a word!), perfect-fitting sandals that – if I needed to – I could wear all day at Disneyland. Read more

Light Up Marquee Letters – A Festive Way to Brighten a Room

individual light up marquee lettersLight up marquee letters are on trend right now. People are loving them for home decor and events.

They’ve even been featured on the small screen – I’ve spotted them on a couple of television shows and I love how they’re being used!

They are particularly popular as rustic wedding decor (and I love that because I’d like my upcoming wedding to have a rustic, shabby chic theme!)

What I love most about marquee letters and numbers is that they not only add beautiful light to a space, they also are incredibly versatile.

You can gather up enough letters to spell out your last name (though, I don’t know how this would work out for long names…I guess you would need enough wall space!)

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Best Portable Hot Tub – Soak, Socialize, and Relax

Best Portable Hot TubIf you’re looking for the best portable hot tub, I definitely have a find or two for you!

There is something so relaxing about a spa – the warm water, the jets, the bubbling water…it all results in an experience that can’t be beat.

Men, women, and kids love soaking in a hot tub! I know I loved it as a kid (of course, it means something different now that I’m an adult!)

And my son loves it, too – maybe not as much as swimming in a pool, though. 🙂

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stumbled upon this 6-person inflatable hot tub by Coleman!

So many great things – it’s at a great price, with nice reviews, seats up to 6 adults, is made of heavy-duty material, and inflates in seconds with no tools required!

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Best Himalayan Salt Lamp

What is the best Himalayan Salt Lamp?In my search for the best Himalayan salt lamp, I was encouraged to find so many wonderful varieties that I know you’ll find one you love. Touted as being able to lower blood pressure, improve sleep, protect you from illness and more, many seek out these lovely lamps that emit a soft, warm glow.

While I can’t say these lamps offer true health and well-being benefits – these claims are highly debated – I can attest to the pleasure I receive from having them in my home.

The one to the left is similar to the one I have.

Part of the beauty of these is that they’re all one-of-a-kind and the natural variations of the lamps ensure you have one that’s completely unique.

My lamps add a wonderful ambiance to my living room and bedroom and it’s incredibly soothing to turn off all room lights except my salt lamps, put on some relaxing music, and chill out with a cup of tea or another favorite beverage.

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Find the Perfect Bar Cart with Wine Rack for Easy Entertaining and Decor

Bar Cart with Wine RackThe right bar cart with wine rack does double-duty: it makes a great piece of decorative furniture and it’s functional. I have a fondness for practical decor. If something looks good, great. If something looks good and:

  • has storage
  • helps me keep a tidier home
  • makes doing something easier

I’m all for it!

A great addition for your home, you can keep wine on hand for just about any occasion and if company stops by, you’re prepared. You can also pick up something a little more heavy-duty and store cocktail supplies in drawers and cabinets and on shelves.

Yes, there are many styles to choose from for a variety of tastes and needs!

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Best Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

Best Queen Air Mattress with Built-in PumpYou have guests coming, you’re visiting friends or family, or you’re going camping and you want the best queen air mattress with built-in pump available. I hear ya! I frequently visit friends and family and there have been times I needed a high-quality air mattress to make sure I got the best night’s sleep I could.

I also like knowing that when we do have overnight guests, they are as comfortable as I can make them – not sleeping on the floor or a less-than-ideal couch.

And yes, I’m one of those campers who prefers the comfort of an air mattress as opposed to a sleeping bag on the ground (to those of you hard-core enough to rough it like that, I salute you!)

Now if you’re in the market for the best queen air mattress with built-in pump, I have some great finds for you.

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