Light Up Marquee Letters – A Festive Way to Brighten a Room

individual light up marquee lettersLight up marquee letters are on trend right now. People are loving them for home decor and events.

They’ve even been featured on the small screen – I’ve spotted them on a couple of television shows and I love how they’re being used!

They are particularly popular as rustic wedding decor (and I love that because I’d like my upcoming wedding to have a rustic, shabby chic theme!)

What I love most about marquee letters and numbers is that they not only add beautiful light to a space, they also are incredibly versatile.

You can gather up enough letters to spell out your last name (though, I don’t know how this would work out for long names…I guess you would need enough wall space!)

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Marquee Letter Wall Decor

Marquee Letter Wall Decor - EATA fun way to use marquee letter wall decor is to spell out words that are meaningful for you and your family.

There are so many possibilities!

You have a truly lovely way of personalizing your space and I think this is a great feature in a child’s room. This idea works for girls and boys!

Great ideas for personalizing your light up marquee letters:

  • FUN
  • PLAY
  • MR & MRS
  • LOVE
  • EAT
  • COOK
  • WIN (for a game room!)


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Marquee Letters and Numbers

Marquee letters and numbers can be combined in any number of ways for a completely unique look in your home. If you wanted to use these in a kid’s room, depending on age, you could put together:

 Silver Metal Marquee Letter “A”More Info Silver Metal Marquee Letter “B”More Info Silver Metal Marquee Letter “C”More Info


Light Up Marquee Letters & Decor

Light up marquee arrow signLight up marquee letters and decor are great for brightening up your home, office, or kitchen. Just don’t forget that there are several fun marquee sign styles besides letters.

Arrows, vintage drive-in style signs, stars, hearts, animals silhouettes, and my particular favorite…

PINEAPPLES! (I think they’d look just great as part of a tiki-themed rec room!)

My very FAVORITE find is quite the high-ticket item. However, it’s absolutely gorgeous, can be customized, and is a one-of-a-kind feature for your living space.

This vintage-style lighted marquee sign is 100% handmade to order and you can customize your letter style! A truly cool find!

Custom arrow vintage arcade light up marquee sign for home decor

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Light Up Marquee Letters - Easy Living Favorites

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