Home Nugget Ice Maker Machine

Home Nugget Ice MachineI’ve been waiting about 6 months for a home nugget ice maker machine to become available on Amazon! Why wait? Because with Prime, I can get free shipping (though, free shipping is already included with this product…but that’s why I waited.) PLUS, I didn’t see one I really liked and the one I did like wasn’t available yet. It was going to be available “soon” and even then, it wasn’t going to be on Amazon.

But it is, now and I’m thrilled to be sharing it with you!

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If you’re like me, you love crushed ice. Particularly, nugget ice that always seems to make a drink taste better. I don’t know what it is.

But if you drive to a particular place, like Sonic, just to get a drink with nugget ice, you’re my people.

There have been times that I don’t even want food. I just want a crushed ice soda! Read more

Light Up Marquee Letters – A Festive Way to Brighten a Room

individual light up marquee lettersLight up marquee letters are on trend right now. People are loving them for home decor and events.

They’ve even been featured on the small screen – I’ve spotted them on a couple of television shows and I love how they’re being used!

They are particularly popular as rustic wedding decor (and I love that because I’d like my upcoming wedding to have a rustic, shabby chic theme!)

What I love most about marquee letters and numbers is that they not only add beautiful light to a space, they also are incredibly versatile.

You can gather up enough letters to spell out your last name (though, I don’t know how this would work out for long names…I guess you would need enough wall space!)

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Find the Perfect Bar Cart with Wine Rack for Easy Entertaining and Decor

Bar Cart with Wine RackThe right bar cart with wine rack does double-duty: it makes a great piece of decorative furniture and it’s functional. I have a fondness for practical decor. If something looks good, great. If something looks good and:

  • has storage
  • helps me keep a tidier home
  • makes doing something easier

I’m all for it!

A great addition for your home, you can keep wine on hand for just about any occasion and if company stops by, you’re prepared. You can also pick up something a little more heavy-duty and store cocktail supplies in drawers and cabinets and on shelves.

Yes, there are many styles to choose from for a variety of tastes and needs!

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