Almost Perfect Beach Hacks for an Easy and Enjoyable Day with the Kids

Almost Perfect Beach Day Hacks featured

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Beach Day Hacks - Just Leave Your FootprintsI’m all about beach day hacks and when I saw some of these almost perfect ones, I thought to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Some I already do when I go for the day. (Boogie board sled, anyone?)

See, if you’ve ever been to the beach, it’s not all coconut scents and sparkly water (though, there’s a lot of that!)

There’s sand. And hot sun. And little shade.

When you have little ones – or…even not-so-little ones – that can make for a long day that leaves everyone sunburned and cranky (but with great memories…especially if you remember to bring your camera!)

==> Watch the video below for great beach day hacks you can try out on your next trip to the seashore!

Everything You See in the Video, I Found HERE!

Handy List of What to Bring to the Beach

Beach Day Hacks - Just Leave Your Footprints - Pin Me!

✅ Cooler

✅ Snacks

✅ Beach Chairs

✅ Umbrella or Pop Up Shade

✅ Sunscreen

✅ Beach Towels

✅ Fitted Bed Sheet to Use as a Beach Blanket

✅ Tote Bags

✅ Diapers for Hiding Valuables (great tip!)

✅ Wine Cork for Floating Key Hack

✅ Frozen Aloe Vera Gel for Sunburn Relief

✅ Plastic Baggies in Various Sizes

✅ Snack Foods, Sandwich Fixins, Water

✅ Kiddie Pool for Non-Swimmers

✅ Sand Toys

✅ Mesh Bag for Easy Toy Cleanup

✅ Boogie Board

✅ Baby Powder

✅ Camera


Now, I’ve shared my top picks and have tried to find you exactly what you see in the video, but if you feel like changing things up a little, I say, “Go for it!”

Maybe you have a larger family and want an all-in-one cooler for storage and music like this one.

Or you want a pop-up canopy that provides more shade than an umbrella.

But I tell you, this collection is pretty epic as-is!

See, when I go to the beach (whether by myself or with my family) I want to enjoy myself. Not spend the day frustrated because I forgot to bring something or because I didn’t plan ahead.

I want to relax and have fun. I want to feel good at the end of my trip. And I want that for my family and friends, too!

So I’ll plan ahead and prepare. I’ll bring some shade and sunscreen, some snacks and drinks, and definitely items that make cleaning up and packing up simpler. Amiright?!?  🙂

 Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport Sunscreen (MY FAV!) SPF 30Get Info Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Lotion (Feels great!)Get Info Backpack Cooler Folding Beach ChairGet Info Pop Up Wind-Resistant Beach Tent with UV ProtectionGet Info Pink Mesh Beach Tote w/ Insulated CoolerGet Info Personal 10-quart CoolerGet Info Set of 4 Bento Lunchbox Containers (must-have!)Get Info Insulated Bento Box Cooler BagGet Info Paradise Inflatable Pool – Beach Day FUN for Non-SwimmersGet Info LOVE My Yoga Mat Sketchers Flip Flops!Get Info Be sure to pack the BIG sunscreen for the kiddos!Get Info Baby powder – who knew it took off sand so easily?Get Info My favorite Beef Jerky!Get Info Cupcake Maker Sand Toy PlaysetGet Info Ice Cream Maker Sand Toy Play SetGet Info No-Sand Beach BlanketGet Info

My New Favorite Beach Towels – Round Mandala Boho Gypsy Style

 Boho Gypsy Round Beach TowelGet Info

These round mandala beach towels and blankets started getting popular this year and I’m in LOVE with them!

They’re BIG, beautiful, and such a fun way to lay out at the beach, next to the pool, or even bring to the park for a fun summer picnic.

They come in a lot of pretty designs and colors, so you’ll want to check out your options and they’re pretty easy on the budget (purchase one with free 2-day shipping and you score!)

If you get one like this with the fringe, you’ll want to take care not to let the fringe get tangled.

There are other options that don’t have fringe, too.

I’m also liking that when you’re laying on it (or sitting next to it in your fancy beach chair), you can have pretty much anything you need – phone, food, iPod, etc. – within easy reach.

It’s even a fun play zone for little ones (especially if you’ve set up your fitted sheet and totes as an enclosed “safe zone.”

I hope you found my top picks great for your summer beach day plans. If you liked this, be sure to check out:

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