I’m Trying This Sugar-Free Low Carb Cold Brew Tea

I’m Trying This Sugar-Free Low Carb Cold Brew Tea

Last summer, a relative had me try this tea she was drinking that was this brand of sugar-free low-carb cold brew tea.

She was drinking the blackberry flavor and even though I am NOT a fan of sweetened tea, I liked this one. Turns out I like my FRUITY teas sweet.

Did I mention that these are sugar-free? Zero sugar, zero carbs.

I particularly liked that I could pick a tea bag and add it to a to-go tumbler with ice water and it would be ready to drink in a minute or two.

I take a drink with me everywhere, so I have no shortage of drinkware - my favorite kind happens to be tumblers with lids and straws, so it's easy enough to add ice water, my tea bag, and go.

I'm SUPER disappointed that the strawberry flavor isn't available but this is the next-best choice, in my opinion. There are tons of other flavors, too. Like cherry, mango, peach, mint...and that's just a few of your options.

You can also choose how MUCH you want - they come in single boxes, a pack of two {this is what I got} and a 4-pack. You can also choose to get multiples of one flavor or a variety pack.

Have you tried these? What did you think?