Hanging Beaded Rainbow Prism Crystal Suncatcher

Hanging Beaded Rainbow Prism Crystal Suncatcher

I was looking for a hanging beaded rainbow prism crystal suncatcher to hang in front of the windows in my home.

You see, I grew up visiting a neighbor who had these in her home and as a little girl, I thought it was SO neat that there would be little rainbows sprinkled all around the room - on the walls, tables, and floor. This was MAGICAL to me and as an adult, I'd seen them in local shops and at farmer's markets but I never got one.

Well, actually, I did get this really cool one in a little gift shop I found while away at a retreat. It had a pretty sun etched in the glass. But I lost it and never found it.

Then, one day, I remembered to check online and I was very surprised to find this multi-pack!

You'll love adding one of these to your home if you love light and color and pretty things. I particularly love that each one of these are different.

You could even break up the pack and give them away individually as gifts.

These were very easy to hang and look even better in person. I have some hanging in windows that get good sunlight and I have a couple put aside - one for the front porch and one for the back.

These would make GREAT garden decor, too!

Have you ever seen one of those iron hangers you stake in the ground? You could hang these from one of those, too.