Cold Brew Mason Jar Tea Infuser Pitcher Set

Cold Brew Mason Jar Tea Infuser Pitcher Set

Another favorite is this cold brew mason jar tea infuser pitcher set that makes brewing and pouring super easy.

It's 32 ounces, so you get quite a few servings out of each batch. The infuser is metal and has a fine "mesh" that'll keep your loose tea from getting into your brew. You could also leave out the infuser and just add fruit slices to plain water and have that ready-to-go in your fridge.

From what I gather, you COULD use it to make coffee, but that's not what I'd do.

I'd choose some flavored loose herbal or white tea and have fun experimenting, finding out what I like.

The whole kit is easy to clean and I really like that. The product page says there are dishwasher-safe components but a quick hand-wash is faster and easier, in my opinion.

If you're thinking of getting this as a gift, you're going to want to get one for yourself, too!